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In 1904, we went to the market on a butcher’s bicycle. Now, we’re one of the Netherlands’ major players. This is Storteboom’s history.

From 1904 to present day: Storteboom’s history

Storteboom’s story begins back in 1904 when Mr T. Storteboom went to the local poultry market on his butcher’s bicycle. Throughout the 20th century, he and his family built up the company to become one of Europe’s major players. Moving with the times, improving processes and making the chain more sustainable: a family business with an entrepreneurial, warm spirit. 

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Volle breedte eind

From family business to multinational

Storteboom began as a family business and you can still feel that to this day. The organisation’s warmth and passion for food have remained throughout its 100-year history. You can feel it in the way we work with each other, farmers, suppliers and buyers. We prioritise animal welfare in everything that we do. Over the course of 100 years, Storteboom has grown into a multinational with extensive experience in chicken and chicken products. 

Storteboom is now 2 Sisters Storteboom B.V.

In 2010, Storteboom was acquired by British food multinational 2 Sisters Food Group. This ensures that we think even further outside the box and has created more room for us to take our responsibility within the supply chain. We continue to develop under the name 2 Sisters Storteboom. We are now a modern company with a global customer base, but those who already know a little bit about us know that we have always remained a family business with respect for people and animals. 

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