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As a leader in animal welfare, we produce chicken products with respect for the chickens’ welfare.

Producing chicken with respect for animal welfare: how?

We produce our products with respect for the chickens’ welfare. The Netherlands is the global leader when it comes to improving and developing measures that promote animal welfare. We are doing everything in our power to make major progress in the supply chain. Working together with our poultry farmers and buyers, we try to make a difference each day. After all, we make the most progress together. Find out below which three aspects of the poultry sector we value the most. 

Safe use of veterinary medicines

Storteboom has a strict policy on antibiotics, as it is important to us that veterinary medicines are used responsibly. When using them, we always consider animal welfare and the health of the people who eat our chicken products. We protect everyone’s health, both now and in the future. 

We therefore strive to minimise the use of antibiotics. A chicken may only be treated with antibiotics when they are prescribed by a veterinarian. We do not use any antibiotics identified by the WHO as important to human medicine (cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones) in order to prevent resistance.

High welfare: what is it exactly?

‘High welfare’ represents animals that live in good conditions and therefore have a higher standard of welfare. In Western Europe, and especially in the Netherlands, there is an increasing demand for this type of concept. We fully support it! Storteboom develops new concepts together with other parties including buyers, farmers and other partners in the chain. By doing this, we continue to develop!

Lots of respect, less stress

As you may have gathered, we take animal welfare seriously. And there’s more! All our employees who work with live poultry receive special training. After all, they bear a huge responsibility. Drivers who transport live poultry also follow a tailored training course first. We also maintain regular contact with the catching and loading teams and the poultry farmers. We do everything we can to ensure the highest level of animal welfare. 

Stress is not good for animals or humans. That is why we work with stunning modern systems, which significantly reduce the animals’ stress levels. At our slaughterhouses, the chickens do not need to be taken out of the containers first. They are immediately stunned in the containers on arrival.

We take our responsibility seriously. We work in a socially responsible way and with care and respect for the environment, our people and our animals.