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Together, we
make it better

From egg to consumer, we continuously look for ways to improve. Together, we strive for a better life.

Collaboration with poultry farmers

Collaboration with our poultry farmers is what we’re all about at Storteboom. We want to be trendsetters, make bold decisions and challenge other parties in the supply chain to do the same. We pursue the common interest in terms of sustainability, animal welfare, and of course, quality and food safety.

This starts at the beginning. The breeding farms. We also meet with breeders, hatcheries and broiler farmers who, like us, strive for the best quality chicken.

Better Life chicken

Better Life is a quality mark from the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. Chickens kept according to the 1 Star Better Life label grow slower, can roam in a covered enclosure with distraction material and are fed cereal grains. This improves both quality and taste!

More information on the Better Life quality mark is available on the website of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals.