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Everything under control:
from egg to consumer

It’s important to control all the links in the chain. We know where each piece of chicken comes from and how it was processed.

Food safety is our top priority

Our working method is based on constant innovation and recording and monitoring every step in the process. Yes, every single step. Food safety is our top priority, which is why we document every single piece of chicken. Where does it come from? How was it processed? This is how we stay in control, from egg to consumer. 

Safe collaboration with partners and suppliers

All checks are carried out in our own certified laboratory. This provides more certainty. To that end, we work very effectively and closely with our partners and suppliers, who vary from hatcheries to poultry farmers and from feed suppliers to transport companies. We critically assess the parties we work with. We endeavour to create a strong supply chain that prioritises sustainability and animal welfare. Our ultimate goal is to supply the consumer with a high-quality piece of chicken. 

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