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Never heard
of us?

That may well be. Never eaten real Storteboom chicken? Impossible.

Storteboom chicken in your shopping basket

Do you ever go out to eat at a restaurant? Or do you ever stop for a quick bite to eat along the motorway? Do you do your shopping at supermarkets? If so, you must have tasted our chicken. It might’ve been a piece of tender chicken breast or a delicious marinated drumstick. This is all Storteboom chicken! The name Storteboom probably means nothing to you, but you’re very familiar with how our chicken tastes. Did you like it?

Chicken is an easy choice

The Dutch love chicken. Each year, they eat more than 22kg of chicken. Chicken is an easy choice – it’s tasty, easy to prepare and goes with many different dishes. As a European chicken specialist, we advise supermarkets, restaurants and catering companies on the best and most delicious chicken products at affordable prices. We closely monitor consumer trends and ensure that our chicken is healthy, easy and tasty. That’s exactly what you as the consumer are looking for. 

Working on animal welfare and sustainability?

A Better Life is our standard. We are actively committed to a chain that uses antibiotics only when absolutely necessary and safe to do so. Together with our poultry farmers and customers, we produce chicken with a clear vision of what can be improved within the chicken supply chain. We care about the animals and are committed to higher standards of animal welfare. 

If you have any questions about our products or how we factor care for the environment and animal welfare into our operations, contact us.