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The most environmentally
friendly piece of meat

Not only is chicken part of a healthy diet but it is also less harmful to the environment than any other meat.

Which products does Storteboom manufacture?

Our buyers include supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurant chains and the processing industry. This means that we use every part of the chicken. We continuously adapt our product line to match consumers’ tastes and wishes. We also develop new products in collaboration with our buyers. Here are some of the marinated, spiced and breaded products that we produce at Storteboom:
– chicken fillets (fillet strips and tenderloins)
– ready-to-cook whole/half chicken
– drumsticks
– chicken thighs
– chicken nuggets
– schnitzels

We supply these products fresh, frozen and pre-cooked.

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About chicken

Interesting fact: chicken has the lowest environmental impact of all types of meat. This is because chickens need less feed than animals such as cows and pigs. Less land, water and energy are therefore required to produce chicken products. The chicken’s own environmental impact is also lower as it produces fewer greenhouse gases. Unprocessed chicken also features in the Voedingscentrum’s five-slice pie chart for a healthy diet.