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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely important within the food industry. It’s all about people, planet, profit and product.

We don’t follow the flock – we’re trendsetters

We serve as an important link in the chicken industry and that comes with responsibility. We understand what we have to do and we take responsibility in our work in close collaboration with all parties in the chain. The chicken, people and the climate are our top priorities.

Constant development

Responsibility is the name of the game! We closely follow social developments and meet the consumers’ current demands and requirements. Not just because they are requirements – we do it because we consider it really important. 

What do we focus on? Good-quality meat and maximum food safety are two of our top priorities. In addition, we scrutinise the raw materials used in production and think about how we can improve on them. We don’t take our employees for granted – we recognise their hard work and we have a good social policy. And, last but not least, we work on animal welfare and the environment. Every day, we focus on questions such as: how can we transport the animals in the most animal-friendly way possible? How can we increase the sustainability of our production process?

People, Planet, Profit & Product

‘Product?’, we hear you say. Yes, indeed! We add ‘Product’ to the familiar triple bottom line: ‘People, Planet, Profit’. Supplying high-quality products is one of our top priorities. We comply with the highest hygiene requirements and our process and business locations are under constant scrutiny. We don’t follow the flock – we’re trendsetters. 

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