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For the ambitious chef who wants to put the tastiest chicken on the table faster.

Barnfield chicken: high-quality chicken products for professionals

Barnfield is an innovative range of chicken products with a unique recipe, ready to serve. These tender, tasty chicken products make cooking easier and more enjoyable!

The products are cooked and flavoured in line with the latest taste trends. Reliable quality, versatile products and endless possibilities: we’ve thought of everything to make it as easy as possible for the chef. What more could you want? 

Tasty Barnfield chicken

Barnfield’s chicken products are the result of listening very carefully to our customers. Together, we have come up with unique, ready-to-eat products with the same guaranteed quality of Storteboom chicken.

All of Barnfield’s chicken products have their own recipe and are ready to serve. There’s plenty of room for the chef’s creativity: give the dish a personal twist with a sauce, dressing, marinade or side dish. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know a thing or two about chicken. You can rely on us. At Storteboom, we guarantee the most tender, tasty chicken products that are also easy to prepare.

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Barnfield’s three promises

What do we guarantee? Less waste, great flavours and a chicken product that is sure to steal the show. The question remains: how will you use our chicken in your delicious recipe?

Choose your Barnfield chicken

Do you prefer a piece of boneless chicken? Or would you rather have bone-in chicken? The choice is yours because Barnfield has it all! Waste can be kept to a minimum thanks to guaranteed quality, small volumes and a long shelf life. Choose your Barnfield chicken and enjoy its unique flavour. Specially developed for the chef and ready to serve!

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Barnfield’s flavours from around the world

Curious about our chicken range? Take a quick look at the Barnfield chicken options and variations below.

Flavours of the world


BBQ & Extra style


Where can you buy Barnfield chicken?

If you’re interested in our Barnfield chicken, please contact one of Storteboom’s representatives. They will be happy to help. Here you can find the contact people for each country.