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We are working hard towards six specific, globally recognised sustainable development goals.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Storteboom is working hard towards six specific, globally recognised sustainable development goals set by the United Nations:

Zero hunger

Animal proteins are part of a healthy diet and help prevent malnutrition. Our policies on food safety and antibiotics ensure safe and nutritious food and poultry meat also has the lowest carbon footprint.

Gender equality

At Storteboom, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation are irrelevant. Everyone in our organisation has equal opportunities to develop and we do everything we can to achieve an optimal balance between work and leisure.

Clean water and sanitation

Access to clean water is of vital importance. We purify our waste water and use as little water as possible during our production and cleaning processes.

Decent work and economic growth

We place great importance on physical and social safety. At Storteboom, we provide a safe, pleasant working environment for everyone.

Sustainable consumption and production patterns

We make the most efficient use of natural resources and limit waste flows from our production. We make every effort to minimise the CO2 footprint of our chain.

Climate action

By limiting the use of fossil fuels, we ensure that fewer greenhouse gases are released. This applies to the use of water, gas and electricity, as well as the petrol and diesel we use for driving.

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