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We strive for
maximum safety

When it comes to complying with all safety requirements, we are im-peck-able. Together, we ensure strict compliance with all of the rules.

Quality + food safety = Storteboom

There’s one thing we never compromise on at Storteboom: the quality of our chicken products. These days, we no longer go to the market with our butcher’s bicycle to collect the best chickens – as we used to – but we still opt for the best quality, every day of the week. For us, high quality and high food safety standards go hand in hand. And we don’t do it alone! We only work together with companies that are on the same page as us. 

From hand washing to x-rays

How exactly do we guarantee quality and the highest level of food safety? Firstly, we have internal monitoring in place in order to ensure strict compliance with all procedures. Yes, all procedures. We conduct strict, regular checks and independent audits of the production processes and sites. From hand washing to extra checks using x-rays. Even more importantly, our people understand the importance of quality and safety. Everyone has the same goal: to produce safe, tasty chicken. 

We know all about safety

We use a quality control system (2 Sisters Storteboom Quality Control) that meets the highest international standards. It’s a standard part of our process. We hold all certification and accreditations, including IKB, BRC, IFS 6 Higher Level, GHP/GMP, Labour and Environment, Salmonella/Campylobacter monitoring, Better Life certificate (1 star), Halal and QS.